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Mimes, Kelsey

Episode Eliminated:





Gwen, (Ex), Amber (Ex)


Gwen, Leshawna, Owen, Tyler, Geoff, Bridgette, DJ, The Drama Brothers, Courtney,


Duncan, Heather, Alejandro


Guitar playing, Singing, Building/Repairing Motorcycles, Skateboarding, Dancing


Trent is one of the contestants of Total Drama: Date Night. When he arrives, he high-fives Chris and he walks over to Gwen, smiling at her and awkwardly saying hi to her. Gwen smiles back and awkwardly says hi back, as they haven't talked since Total Drama World Tour. Stella and Chris explain the show, he stares at Gwen until Chris mentions the two-week getaway cruise for the male and female winner, which causes Trent to look at Gwen longingly, and then scowl at Duncan, who has his arm around Gwen. Trent is later partnered to Courtney, and they begin the Tortuarathlon. Before the contest starts, Courtney notices that Trent is staring at Gwen and asks him about their relationship. Trent explains that he misses Gwen and wants her back, even to the point of saying that he dated other girls... but none were as wonderful as Gwen and he believes he's still in love with her. Courtney nods and understands, although she says, "Personally... I don't understand how you could love that "thing." and she admits she still likes Alejandro and possibly Duncan. Trent is confused, stating, "I thought you hated Duncan after he cheated on you." Courtney looks down and says, "It's a long story, I DO hate him, but I think I like him too..." Trent understands and smiles at her, saying, "I guess we're stuck in the same boat then." Courtney laughs and says that maybe they could help each other out. During the contest, Courtney pulls Trent in the swimming challenge, while Trent tells her if she's getting too close to a mine. The two avoid the mines on the tandem bike, due to Trent's experience with bikes and motorcycles. Courtney and Trent both work together in the running leg of the competition while a mutant squirrel chases them. That night, Trent is placed on a team with Heather, which he immidiately frowns at.