Total Drama Interview is a interview segment of Total Drama: Date Night hosted by Geoff and Bridgette. The show interviews the contestants of TDDN by asking them personal questions sent in by fans or friends of the contestants. The segment happens every two episodes, and the interviewed contestants are chosen at random.

Trent's FansEdit

Amber Cole- Amber is a famous romantic comedy actress
Amber Cole

Trent's picture of ex-girlfriend, Amber. (Re-coloured Dakota's original design)

 and singer, she is Trent's ex-girlfriend, who he dumped via Justin via text message. She may look very kind and sweet, but she's very quick to anger. She sends an angry fan message to Trent, and demands to know why he dumped her... Trent responded with the fact that she gets jealous too easily. Amber says that since Trent dumped her, her new favourite contestant has become Zoey, which explains the flower in her hair... much like the flower in Zoey's hair. Dakota also admits she's a huge Amber fan and has Amber's exact outfit, but in pink. Despite Amber and Trent both being celebrities at the time, they managed to keep their relationship very low profile and no one outside of The Drama Brothers knew of their relationship.

Shannon- Shannon is a Western fan of Trent's, she speaks with a heavy Western accent and is a fan of The Drama Brothers. She asks Trent the question, "Can you describe your dream date?" To which, Trent replies, "My dream date is with a really amazing girl, a walk on the beach and a goodnight kiss."

Julia- Julia calls the Total Drama Interview number and is put on speakerphone. Julia talks really fast and she squeals when Trent first begins talking to her. She asks him about The Drama Brothers and their music, with Trent replying that he has a song he's working on that their hoping to release soon... he says that this song is a continuation of the song he sang is his audition.

Charlotte- Following Julia's question, Charlotte asks what the song will be like. Trent replies that it will be a love song dedicated to the girl he loves, Charlotte asks if she'd dedicate a song to her one day, and Trent says maybe. She also asks who Trent feels closest to this season, and he responds with "Currently, Courtney."

Trevor- Trevor reveals himself to be a Trent fan and asks him who his least favourite contestants are, Trent confesses that he hates Alejandro and Heather and begins to mention Duncan's name, but stops himself. Trevor also asks how Trent learned how to play guitar, which Trent shrugs to and explains that he taught himself.

Drake- Drake asks Trent about his relationship with Courtney, as the two of them have recently bonded. Trent laughs and says, "Courtney's a great friend. And I really like her, but we're strictly friends."

Jessica- Jessica asks Trent about his relationships outside of Total Drama, Trent explains the relationships between him and his family and some of the past relationships he's had with friends and girls.

Katherine- Katherine is another obsessed Trent fan that happens to be Kelsey's best friend, she asks very personal and creepy questions about Trent, such as "What cologne do you wear?" or something creepier like, "What size are your boxers?" Trent has no response to either of these questions and skips to the next question.
Kelsey (TDDN)

Trent's biggest fan, Kelsey, as she appeared on the Aftermath show

Kelsey- Kelsey is Trent's worst fear, as she is INSANE for Trent. As soon as she comes on the video screen, Trent demands that it be turned off, although Kelsey yells that she loves Trent and wants them to be married.

Brandon- Brandon is a friend of Trent's that plays electric guitar, he asks Trent about him and the other girls of the show, specifically Gwen. Trent explains that her and him are simply friends and he is fine with Duncan and Gwen's relationship, then Brandon asks multiple questions about Gwen and Duncan, causing Geoff to eventually cancel Brandon out and say Trent's questions are done.

Zoey's FansEdit

Ike (TDDN)

Zoey's number one fan, Ike, who looks very similar to Mike. (Re-colored from Mike's original design)

Ike- Ike is Zoey's number one fan. His name is actually Isaac, although he is given the nickname "Ike" due to it rhyming with Mike. He constantly pretends that he's actually Mike, and that Zoey is HIS girlfriend. He looks unbelievably similar to Mike, and he claims he dyed his hair and began dressing like Mike, to make Zoey impressed. He's also a really terrible singer, as he wrote a song to Zoey with these lyrics; "Oh Zoey... oh Zoey... I was so lonely, till I found my sweet Zoey...You are so beautiful, with your red hair. My world is bright now that you're there... OH ZOOEEEEEY!" He begins to continue until Zoey tells him to stop, claiming that it's very sweet that he's confessed his feelings for her... Ike cuts her off, finally asking her his question, it being, "Will you go on a date with me?" When Zoey refuses, Ike turns away angrily, and is seen throwing a dart at a dartboard with Mike's face on it. In Mike's interview, Ike is shown with his new girlfriend, Joey, who looks almost identical to Zoey.

Lilly- Lilly is a fan of Zoey's who asks her about her friendship with Cameron, asking if Zoey thinks it could ever turn into something more if something happened with her and Mike. Zoey laughs and says that, "Cameron's amazing, he's a really awesome friend... but I can't see us being anything else but friends. Plus, I don't think anyone has to worry about Mike and I."

Austin and Autumn- Austin and Autumn are a couple, shown to be in love. Both have questions for Zoey, Autumn asks what she felt when she first met Mike, while Austin asks if there's any chance of bringing "warrior Zoey" back. Zoey responds with the fact that she felt drawn to Mike from the moment they first met, while Autumn goes, "Awww!" Zoey responds to Austin's question, saying that she hopes she won't ever go back into the warrior stage.

Rosemary- Rosemary is a British fan of Zoey's who asks her favourite indie band is. Zoey smiles and is excited that she found another indie fan, she answers the question by saying her favourite indie band is Lorence and the Machine but her favourite band is The Bertles. 

Bridgette's FansEdit

Emmett- Emmett is Bridgette's ex-boyfriend, who she never told Geoff about. When he appears on screen, he explains how he still loves her and wants her back.