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This is a wikia for the fanfiction made by Hakudoshi_Natsume, titled: Total Drama: Date Night. To be honest, this wiki is more for my benefit then anyone's, as it's a good way to balance and store all my info about the characters. Feel free to edit pages (as long as they remain non bias and worded correctly) and add pages at will =) For those of you who want to read the fanfic, please click here: 


Chris McLean- Co-Host

Stella Carver- Co-Host

Chef Hatchet- Chef

Alexandra Hatchet- Chef Hatchet's Daughter

Izzy- Contestant

Trent- Contestant

Lindsay- Contestant

Duncan- Contestant

Gwen- Contestant

Cody- Contestant

Blaineley- Contestant

Justin- Contestant

Leshawna- Contestant

Noah- Contestant

Heather- Contestant

Alejandro- Contestant

Courtney- Contestant

Geoff- Contestant

Bridgette- Contestant

Owen- Contestant

Eva- Contestant

Harold- Contestant

Beth- Contestant

DJ- Contestant

Sierra- Contestant

Tyler- Contestant

Katie- Contestant

Ezekiel- Contestant

Sadie- Contestant

Lightning- Contestant

Zoey- Contestant

Cameron- Contestant

Anne Maria- Contestant

Scott- Contestant

Staci- Contestant

B- Contestant

Dawn- Contestant

Sam- Contestant

Jo- Contestant

Mike- Contestant

Dakota- Contestant

Brick- Contestant

Chapter 1 PairsEdit

Izzy and Mike- These two had very little interaction in this chapter, although Mike is particularly fast in the swimming leg of the Triathlon, pulling Izzy in the raft, while Izzy excelled in the biking part of the challenge, working with Mike on the tandem bike. Both of them ran as fast as possible while being tied together in the running leg of the Triathlon. At the elimination ceremony, Mike is partnered with Lindsay, who hugs him, thinking he's Tyler... meanwhile Izzy is partnered to the actual Tyler.

Anne Maria and Duncan- Duncan and Anne Maria start off terribly, due to Anne Maria's laziness and attitude, causing Duncan to pull her in the raft during the swimming portion because Anne Maria doesn't want to get her hair wet. During the biking, Duncan sits in the front on the tandem bike and works with Anne Maria, although Anne Maria showed difficulty in the running leg, getting too tired to run at the same speed as Duncan, causing the two to end up second to last. At the elimination ceremony, Anne Maria is put with the zombified Ezekiel, while Gwen chooses Duncan as her partner as a reward for winning the Triathlon challenge.

Katie and Cody- Katie and Cody had limited interaction in the chapter. He smiles at Katie and tells her it will be alright when she cries that Sadie and she weren't together. This angers Sierra who wants to be put with Cody. Cody later pulls Katie on the raft in the swimming part, and then led on the tandem bike, while he and Katie worked together in the running leg. Later that night, Katie is put with Cameron while Cody is placed with Leshawna.

Alejandro and Zoey- Alejandro and Zoey show quite a bit of interaction in this chapter, Alejandro and Heather came up with the plan and lie that the two broke up, making Alejandro lie to Zoey that Heather had changed and became someone different then the girl he once had feelings for, he presumes this change occurred during the time when he was injured and put into the Drama Machine. He is able to persuade Zoey into believing that he and Heather had broken up, and ultimately causes her to feel sympathetic towards him, even to the point of revealing her jealousy when Vito kissed Anne Maria, Alejandro says that she sounds cute when she's jealous, causing Zoey to blush. Alejandro pulls Zoey on the raft in the swimming part of the Triathlon, while Zoey leads on the tandem bike in the next section. In the running leg... Alejandro purposely causes both him and Zoey to fall, Zoey falling directly on top of him. Zoey blushes yet again... Mike notices and looks away, obviously hurt... later at the elimination ceremony, Zoey is put with Sam and Alejandro is teamed with Eva, who growls at him and tells him he doesn't need his assistance. At the end of the chapter, Alejandro and Heather kiss over both of their successful lying attempts.

Gwen and Geoff- When Chris introduces both Geoff and Gwen together, Geoff is pleased and high-fives Gwen, happy that he is her partner. When the two decide who swims and who sits in the raft, Geoff offers that he swims, explaining that he spent the summer as a lifeguard with Bridgette and is a strong swimmer. Gwen has no objections and the two discuss their summers, Gwen explains that she spent a lot of time with Duncan, to which Geoff smiles at. During the biking portion, Gwen takes lead. The running becomes a struggle for the two as their ankles were tied together. The two eventually work out a plan and turn out in first, having Gwen choose Duncan as a partner and Geoff choose Bridgette. The two then enjoy their romantic dinner together, while Geoff explains that it's a dinner for friends, while Gwen replies, "Yeah... just friends..."

Cameron and Jo- Jo is displeased when she hears she'll be partnered to Cameron, although Cameron tries to explain that she can be the muscle and he'll be the brains. Jo shrugs at him and gets ready for the Triathlon. Jo leads in all three categories, and only works with Cameron in the three-legged-race, as he yells at her that they need to be in sync... the team turn out in second just shy of Gwen and Geoff. Later on that night, Jo and Brick are put together, to which Jo scowls, meanwhile, Cameron is teamed with Katie.

Sierra and Tyler- Sierra is angry and depressed when she is partnered to Tyler, as she is wanting to be partnered to Cody. Tyler is also upset, and says he wants to be partnered to Lindsay. Sierra leads in the swim race, as she is aware of how terrible Tyler is at sports. She also leads in the bike race, trying to go as fast as possible to catch up to Cody and Katie, as she is wanting to spy on them, while Tyler, believing that something is up with Justin, wants to spy on him and Lindsay. Sierra leads in the three legged race, running as fast possible without Tyler's help. Later, Sierra experiences more anger as she gets partnered to Owen and Tyler experiences continued sadness while getting teamed with Izzy. At the end of the chapter, Tyler runs to Lindsay and tries to convince her that he's the REAL Tyler and Justin isn't, Lindsay smiles happily and hugs Tyler while saying, "I know you are, Taylor." Tyler happily kisses her in response and the chapter ends.

Justin and Lindsay- When Justin and Lindsay are introduced; Lindsay asks if Justin is Tyler, because she really wants him to be. Justin, thinking he can use this to his advantage, lies to Lindsay and explains that he is Tyler. Lindsay says that she thought Tyler looked different, but still cute. During the swim race, Justin stops in the middle of pulling Lindsay and looks at Courtney, remembering their almost-kiss in Total Drama Action. Justin tries to ignore it and focus on winning, but she keeps distracting him. Lindsay notices this and gets angry, explaining that he and her are dating and that she doesn't like cheating. He takes lead in the tandem bike race and loses. He finally realizes that he can't keep his head straight and that causes him and Lindsay to lose the first challenge. That night, Justin is voted off but is saved by Blaineley, who quits the show. Justin is then paired with Sadie and Lindsay with Mike.

Staci and Brick- Brick takes on all the weight in this partnership, as Staci just continues lying about her relatives. Brick pulls Staci on the raft as Staci proceeds to tell him about how her great-great-great grandparents were the first to ever ride in a raft, and then also tells him about how her cousin, Douglas, is a famous triathlete. She then goes on to explain that her boyfriend's great-great aunt, Veruca, was the first women to ever compete in a bicycle race, she says this without having a boyfriend. Brick becomes curious and begins questioning Staci about her boyfriend, and Staci panics... unable to answer. Brick leads her yet again in the race. Later in the night, Brick gets paired with Jo and Staci is paired with Scott, who she lies to and tells that her cousin's best friend's great-great-great-great-grandfather is the first man to ever say the word "team".

Noah and Beth- Noah and Beth have very little interaction, Beth is happy when Chris and co-host Stella announce Beth's partner, knowing that Noah is smart. Beth leads in the swim race and on the tandem bicycle, while both are unsuccessful in the race. Noah is paired with Courtney later and Beth is placed with Lightning.

Eva and B- Eva and B have little interaction as well, when they first meet, Eva yells at B quite quickly after realizing he doesn't talk, and demands for him to speak. B then leads her to the finish in the swim race, while Eva leads on the tandem bike, B and her worked together in the three-legged-race. Eva is partnered to Alejandro, who she instantly dislikes while B is paired with Dawn, which causes him to smile.

Ezekiel and Heather- Heather, still with Alejandro, follows the plan her and Alejandro came up with and lies to the zombie Ezekiel, telling him that Alejandro no longer wanted her after being in the Drama Machine, Ezekiel, who can now speak, tells Heather that Alejandro isn't worth her tears. Heather hugs Ezekiel, and smirks without him knowing. Heather leads in the swim race while Ezekiel leads the tandem bike. The two seem to get through the last section smoothly, and walk to the elimination ceremony together. When Ezekiel is appointed his new partner, Anne Maria, for next week's challenge... Heather pretends to be sad, while Ezekiel is overjoyed because of the feelings he developed towards Anne Maria last season. Heather smiles softly while she gets partnered to Trent. She shares a kiss with Alejandro over him successfully winning over Zoey, and Heather working on Ezekiel.

Dawn and Scott- Dawn doesn't seem angry when she is partnered to Scott, despite Scott getting her voted off and backstabbing their entire team in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. When Scott asks why Dawn isn't angry, Dawn admits that she senses that she believes there's still good in Scott and that she hopes to bring out the goodness in him, while saying this, she puts her arm on his shoulder. Scott smiles at Dawn and the two are shown to get along for the rest of the chapter. Scott leads in the swim, while Dawn navigates them through the forest on the tandem bike. Both of them work together in the final section of the Triathlon. Scott thanks Dawn for believing in him and admits that he's sad that their partnership is dissolved, and Dawn says she hopes he'll take her words into consideration. Dawn then gets teamed with B, and Scott scowls while B seems to be pleased with the new partnership, shortly after, Scott is paired with the chatty Staci.

DJ and Bridgette- DJ and Bridgette have little interaction also, but seem to enjoy their partnership. Bridgette explains that she spent almost all summer with Geoff, she also doesn't seem to mind Geoff and Gwen's friendship despite it being pointed out to her. DJ leads on the tandem bike, and Bridgette in the water. Both have trouble with the three legged race, but eventually make it through. Bridgette is paired with Geoff after he and Gwen win the first challenge, and DJ gets teamed with Dakota. Bridgette is confronted by Courtney after the ceremony and Courtney tells her that Gwen is getting close to Geoff, which could be threatening to Bridgette. Bridgette says that she isn't concerned with Gwen, stating that the two are friends and she believes that Gwen would never to that to her, but Courtney brings up the painful reminder that she believed Gwen would never hurt her either... but then Gwen kissed Courtney's boyfriend at the time. Courtney then explains how she's just looking out for Bridgette and doesn't want her to get hurt if Gwen and Geoff get together. While Courtney leaves, Bridgette has a concerned look on her face and wonders if Gwen or Geoff would ever do that to her...

Sadie and Lightning- Sadie expresses immediate sadness over being teamed with Lightning, as she wants to be with Katie. Lightning rolls his eyes and drags her to the pool for the first part of the Triathlon and leads her through all three, saying, "Lightning doesn't need anyone else. Lightning can lead the team by himself." Later that night, Lightning is partnered with Beth and Sadie with Justin.

Owen and Dakota- Dakota and Owen have little interaction with each other. Owen seems to show interest in Alexandra Hatchet, Dakota, who is starting to turn to normal again after her mutation in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island wants Sam to be with her. Owen tries to cheer her up, but only makes her angrier, causing her to scratch him with her mutated claws. Dakota leads in all three Triathlon challenges. Owen is later teamed with Sierra and Dakota with DJ.

Leshawna and Sam- Leshawna leads this team, as Sam is sad that he wasn't paired with Dakota. They have almost no interaction. At the elimination ceremony, Zoey and Sam are paired up and Leshawna is placed with Cody.

Trent and Courtney- Trent is happy when first put with Courtney while Courtney simply smiles, as she secretly wants to be Duncan's partner, hoping she can get him back despite expressing hatred for him in the last few episodes of Total Drama World Tour. She begins noticing Trent's constant staring at Gwen and questions Trent and Gwen's relationship. Courtney reveals that she still has feelings for both Duncan and Alejandro, and Trent asks about Duncan, confused due to the fact the Courtney seemed to hate Duncan after he cheated on her. Courtney looks down and says to Trent, "It's a long story..." He understands and explains that he misses Gwen and wants her back, because he thinks he's still in love with her. Courtney smiles at him and says that maybe they could help each other out. Courtney leads in the swimming contest, while he takes the front seat in the tandem bike. The two use teamwork to come in third in the Triathlon. That night, Trent is paired with Heather and Courtney with Noah. Courtney approaches Bridgette later on, and warns Bridgette about Gwen, who was the partner of Geoff. Bridgette explains that she isn't worried about Gwen, and Courtney reminds her that Gwen kissed Duncan, even though Duncan was dating Courtney at the time. Courtney then says that she's simply looking out for Bridgette and doesn't want her to get hurt if Gwen and Geoff get together, although secretly Courtney is also looking out for Duncan. While Courtney walks away, Bridgette ponders her words...

Blaineley and Harold- Blaineley is angry when she first arrives, due to telling Chris that she would never work for him again, she gets considerably frustrated with Harold, her teammate. Harold leads in all three Triathlon challenges with little help from Blaineley. Blaineley quits the show in this first episode, leaving Harold as first person with immunity for the next week.