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Being buried alive, Tight spaces

Episode Eliminated:





Duncan (Dating), Trent (Ex), Cody(one-sided on his side)


Everyone but her enemies


Chris, Courtney, Heather, Sierra, Justin, Anne Maria


Sarcasm, Anything horror related, Drawing, Webshow Hosting, Druming, Astronomy, Rapping


Gwen is one of the contestants of Total Drama: Date Night. After Trent arrives, he walks over to her, smiling at her and awkwardly saying hi to her. Gwen smiles back and awkwardly says hi back, as they haven't talked since Total Drama World Tour. While Stella and Chris explain the show, Gwen stands with Duncan, his arm around her. Gwen is seen smiling and staring at Duncan, while they both are pleased when Chris says that one of the grand prizes is a two week trip on a romantic cruise. Duncan kisses Gwen's cheek after Chris says this, causing two people to glare at them. Gwen is later partnered to Geoff, which she is pleased... yet displeased about, cause Duncan is partnered with the ever so flirty Anne Maria, which Anne Maria is revealed to be quite pleased about. Gwen and Geoff later decide who will swim and who will sit in the raft, Geoff offers to swim because he was working as a lifeguard with Bridgette and became a very strong swimmer. Gwen smiles and says that's fine, and tries to help him by navigating him through the mines. The two discuss their summers, and Gwen says she spent time with Duncan, and then explains that her parents don't like him that much... to which Geoff asks if Duncan knows this, and Gwen replies that he doesn't and he parents want her and Trent to get back together. Geoff advices Gwen to tell Duncan of her problem. The two work together on both the tandem bike and the running leg to come in first. After the challenge, Gwen approaches Anne Maria, who is clinging onto Duncan, and Gwen punches her, with Duncan teasing her about her jealousy. She is also congratulated by Trent for winning the challenge, to which she smiles and replies "Thanks," That night, Gwen chooses Duncan as her partner for winning the challenge. Gwen and Geoff also win a romantic dinner for two and enjoy the time together as friends.