Chris McLean




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Not getting a paycheck, Lawyers, Getting sued


Chris is one of the co-hosts of Total Drama: Date Night along side Stella Carver. He is just as cruel in this season as he's been in the past. He and Stella introduce the contestants in the first chapter, named the Torturathlon. Each contestant has a reaction to seeing him, Blaineley's being the worst; as she yells at him and states that she never wanted to be on a show with him EVER again. Chris ignores Blaineley while Dawn tries to calm her down and explains what the contestants will do in this season. No one seems interested until Chris mentions the million and the romantic, two-week long getaway cruise. Everyone perks up and Stella smiles at Chris, taking over and explaining the first challenge; The Torturathlon. Stella explains that the Torturathlon is a deadly version of a typical triathlon, with sea mines for the swimming leg, normal mines for the biking and running legs, and of course... dangerous animals. Chris and Stella are both seen laughing at the contestants as they struggle through the challenges. At the elimination ceremony, Chris gives Lindsay the Love Statue, insuring her safety and sending Justin home, however, Blaineley runs up to Chris, demanding that she be sent home because she can't take the insanity anymore. Stella shrugs at Chris and they send Blaineley home.


  • Stella Carver is the only girl in the show's history that has ever been friends with Chris.