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Chef Hatchet


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Chef is one of the chefs of Total Drama: Date Night along side his daughter Alexandra Hatchet. During the time when the contestants are in the dining hall, Chef is testing Alexandra's food, nearly puking in the process... as Alexandra's food is worse then his. He then serves each contestant Alexandra's specialty food, orange gunk. Chef goes out of the kitchen later when Chris McLean and Stella Carver are explaining the challenge, Chef interjects and says that made sure the animals are good and hungry, and that the mines are ready to explode with even the slightest amount of contact... and to prove it he had the intern, Matt test them, and Alexandra adds how they couldn't find him after he went to test the mines. Chef laughs with Chris and Stella later when Blaineley accidentally explodes a sea mine, sending both her and her partner, Harold flying. Chef laughs again later at Owen and Dakota when the mutated animals begin attacking them, although Dakota eventually chases them away by growling, meanwhile, when the animals attack Owen, Alexandra yells out for him, causing Chef to look suspicious.